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Printed On Demand And Drop-Shipped


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8 Things You Should Know About Print-On-Demand Custom Apparel Services:

  1. If you don’t want to look like an amateur, your shirts must be printed using professional screen printing techniques.
  2. All the other custom apparel print-on-demand companies out there do NOT use traditional screen printing techniques, but rather DIGITAL printing.
  3. Screen Printing, also known as Silkscreening, is the only true, industry standard method for printing retail-quality shirts.
  4. Digital printing is NOT used on commercially sold clothing found at retail stores.  For more info, read about Digital Printing vs. Screen Printing.
  5. 99.9% of screen printing companies out there will NOT screen print shirts on demand.  In fact they despise the idea because it’s simply not profitable for them to do so.
  6. Most screen printing companies will charge you a setup fee every time you order shirts, even if it’s the same artwork being used.
  7. Also, most screen printing companies will not drop-ship your custom printed shirts to your customers.
  8. OnDemandScreenPrinting.com is the FIRST and ONLY place on the internet that offers everything you need to sell professionally screen printed shirts, printed on demand, and shipped directly to your customer.

On-Demand screen printing is for anyone that wants to:

  • Avoid the traditional hassles and headaches of professional screen printing.
  • Eliminate the large startup costs when starting a “t-shirt company.”
  • Minimize the risk involved with selling your own professionally printed t-shirts.
  • Build an online t-shirt business that runs without them.
  • Sell promotional shirts for their non-retail organization, website, or group.
  • Provide custom printed shirts for their group or team, and streamline the order process.

Companies and organizations that have used or would benefit from our services:

  • Niche websites and blogs – Have your own blog?  Sell custom shirts that actually look professional instead of the digital shirts you’d get at other print-on-demand sites.
  • Non-profit organizations – raise funds for your organization by selling t-shirts to your supporters.  You’ll increase your donations, provide the customer with a professional product, and get increased exposure when they wear your shirt!  All this without the hassles of buying screen printed shirts in bulk, storing them, shipping them out, etc etc.
  • Other non-retail companies – add another source of revenue for your company without having to take your focus off of your primary business to “sell t-shirts”, fulfill orders, and tie up your cash in inventory!
  • Social groups – want to have shirts professionally printed for your club, group, or organization without going through the hassle of taking orders, collecting money and delivering the shirts to your group members?  No problem!  Just upload your design and tell your group members to log into our site and order their own shirts for your group.  They’ll pay for the shirts right there online by credit card, and their shirts will be shipped right to them!
  • Startup and Experienced Clothing Companies – tired of dealing with inventory management, order fulfillment, and never knowing if you’ll be able to sell all the inventory that you’ve invested in?  On-demand screen printing is the only way to go for a streamlined, automated, hassle-free clothing company.

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at selling t-shirts to make a little money (or a lot of money) on the side, but you want a professionally printed shirt instead of the amateur digital printing provided by everyone else, then you’ve found the best possible solution.

  • Forget about spending hundreds of dollars printing an inventory of shirts, always wondering if you’ll recoup all your costs.
  • Forget about spending weekends fulfilling orders, stuffing envelopes, standing in line at the post office to mail orders out to customers.
  • Forget about the tedious task of managing an inventory, doing whole inventory recounts every other weekend just to make sure someone doesn’t order a size you don’t have in stock on your website.

This is the only way to run a SMART t-shirt or clothing company that takes up as little of your time as possible, while generating the most amount of profit for YOU.

This Service Is Unprecedented!

Before now, it was impossible to sell professionally screen printed shirts without the hassle and headache of shelling out a ton of money for an inventory of shirts, and then managing that inventory.  If you called up 99.9% of professional screen printing companies out there and asked for them to screen print shirts on demand, they would either laugh at you, tell you it’s impossible, or try to sell you on the idea of doing digital prints instead of professional screen printing.

This is the only place on the internet that you can get this kind of service, this kind of solution for selling t-shirts online and offline.

Sign up today for your FREE membership and see just how easy it is to sell professionally screen printed shirts!

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