No Digital Printing

Shirtbot prints retail-quality shirts – absolutely NO digital or D2G printing. Shirtbot uses only traditional, industry standard, screen printing techniques – the professional way to print retail-quality shirts.

Print On-Demand

Print one shirt at a time, or in bulk. Sell shirts without the hassle of buying and maintaining an inventory of shirts. Keep your startup costs low – no need to spend hundreds of dollars on bulk orders from other screen printers.

Automated Order Processing

(Coming Soon – Excluding Hobby Members) Have your customers’ shirt orders automatically submitted directly to ShirtBot and he will handle the rest. No need to pack it up and ship it out, Shirtbot does it for you!

Maximize Profit

Shirbot’s low cost-per-shirt means you keep more profit margin for every shirt you sell. Get a standard tee printed with one color on the front for as little as $8. Set your retail price at $20 and you’re in business.

Order Fulfillment

Shirtbot handles everything once you submit your order to him. He gets the blank shirt from the mill, schedules the job in the production line, sets the screens, prints the shirt, packs it up and ships it directly to your customer.

Sell Through Your Own Website

You have the freedom to sell the shirts however you want. No need to bother with some cookie-cutter storefront in a giant marketplace where you get lost in the crowd. Be unique by selling through your own website.

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 support through our online support ticket system. Get a response within 48 hours!

Free Artwork Check

We do a thorough check of all artwork submitted for printing to make sure you get the best print possible!

Storage of Screens

Once you pay the setup for your screens, we’ll keep them forever so you can use them to print shirts whenever you want without paying more setup fees.

Daily Backups

We do daily off-site backups of your artwork files so that you’ll never have to worry about losing them.

Bulk Orders

(Excluding Hobby Members) Not only can you order your shirts printed on-demand, but when you need to order in bulk, you can take advantage of some of the best bulk rates in the industry, starting at only 12 pieces. And since you’ve already paid your setup fee, there are no more fees to worry about. Check out our Bulk Rates.

Design Samples

When you add a new Design to your account, we’ll send you a PDF mockup of your Design free of charge! You can even use this graphic to sell your shirts on your website.

My experience with your shirts was great, the quality was also good, and I am completely satisfied.


This service is the first of its kind

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