Enterprise Program

For Our High Volume Clients

Our Enterprise program is unlike our On-Demand Screen Printing service. With this service, we print your shirts in bulk, store them as your inventory in our fulfillment warehouse, and then fulfill your orders as they come in by drop-shipping them to your customers.

Advantages & Benefits

This gives you several distinct advantages over our On-Demand service:

  • Orders are fulfilled in 1-2 business days, instead of 2-3 weeks.
  • You always get bulk pricing (36 piece minimum).
  • Your entire fulfillment process is completely automated.
  • Monthly inventory counts.
  • You can have any type of custom printing you want (e.g. discharge inks, oversized prints, etc.).
  • Choose from a virtually unlimited number of shirt styles.
  • Sell and ship up to 4,000 orders per day, instead of 50 per month.
  • Ship anywhere in the world with better shipping rates.
  • Sell and fulfill orders for other types of merchandise, e.g. stickers.
  • Packing slip included in each order.



Pricing and setup for our Enterprise Program is completely separate and different from the On-Demand service shown here on Shirtbot.

  • $99 monthly membership dues.
  • $3 for the first item in a shipment, $.50 for each add’l item in the same shipment.
  • Shipping expenses are additional and they are billed directly to your UPS, USPS, or Paypal Account.
  • Storage Fee varies based on inventory size. Your first 4’x4’x4′ area is covered in your monthly membership dues. Warehouse space required by your inventory beyond the first 4x4x4 will be billed at $25 for each add’l 4x4x4 area.
  • Pricing for printed apparel (including setup/screen fees) is done by custom quote via email only! Email us below to learn more. 36 piece minimum on each print order.



  • A UPS Account that you own, to which we can bill shipping expenses directly. -OR- If you’re using Paypal for your ecommerce, a limited-access user account for us to access orders within your Paypal account and print shipping labels.
  • E-commerce website or shopping cart system that can provide order notifications, details, shipping labels, and packing slips to us. (We can help you set this up for an additional service charge.)
  • Any printed apparel that we fulfill must have been printed by us.


Get Started

To find out more, get a custom quote, or get your account setup today, please contact us at enterprise@shirtbot.co.Powered By WordPress Tabs Slides