Shirtbot was created for all those hopeful T-shirt entrepreneurs who have a great idea but don’t have the capital to start their own business.

-Blair Halver, Mega-bot

This Service Is The First of Its Kind

Before now, it was impossible to sell professionally screen printed shirts without the hassle and headache of shelling out a ton of money for an inventory of shirts, and then managing that inventory. If you called up 99% of professional screen printing companies out there and asked for them to screen print shirts on demand, they would either laugh at you, tell you it’s impossible, or try to sell you on the idea of doing digital prints instead of professional screen printing.

This is the only place on the internet that you can get this kind of service for selling t-shirts online and offline.

Blair Halver


Blair started his first T-shirt company back in college in 2001 and sold shirts online and at concerts. He’s been through all of the ups and downs of building a T-shirt company and somewhere along the way realized how much trouble it was to carry and maintain an inventory. That’s why he created Shirtbot – to automate his T-shirt company so that he could keep all the benefits of having a T-shirt company without all the hassles. Business has been much better ever since.

John & Lori Ferguson

East Coast On-Demand Production

John and his wife, Lori, have been printing shirts since the last century. They run a tight printing department and will always do right by the client. They run the engine behind Shirtbot so you can have T-shirts screen printed on-demand.

Brent Fidler

West Coast Bulk Production

Brent and Blair go way back to Blair’s first T-shirt company, back before the concept of on-demand screen printing even came about. Brent is the man when it comes to the larger orders, and he heads up our West Coast printing division.

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