• Retail-Quality shirts on demand, White-labeled to your customer

    • No huge startup investment
    • Professional retail quality shirts
    • White-labeled for your business
    • Drop-shipped to your customer
    • For around $10 per shirt

Sell T-shirts without the hassle of selling T-shirts.

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Automate Your Business

Run a truly automated business that has the potential to scale rapidly so you can be the business owner, not the business operator. Why should you do all the work yourself when you can outsource and automate everything!

No More Headaches

With no inventory for you to pay for and manage, and no orders for you to ship out to customers yourself, you’ll have a business that puts money in your bank account each month whether you work or not.

Scale Up With Ease

When you’ve built your business to the point where its more profitable for you to start buying in bulk and having your fulfillment center warehouse your inventory, Shirtbot grows with you by offering bulk orders as well – without you having to pay more setup fees!

Stand Out Above The Crowd

Shirtbot only prints retail-quality shirts – absolutely NO digital or D2G printing. Shirtbot uses only classic, industry-standard, screen printing techniques – the professional way to print retail-quality shirts.

A True 4-Hour Workweek

With your entire business automated you will truly have built yourself a “muse” that kicks out cash month in and month out while you simply keep an eye on the bank balance and make sure the machine keeps ticking along smoothly.

Run Your Business Profitably

Get your retail-quality shirts printed for around $10 a piece (depending on shirt type and # of colors in artwork), leaving plenty of room for you to make a handsome profit on each unit sold.

I have to say I am super happy as to how my orders have been handled! No mistakes. Orders came out faster than what I thought. Fantastic Communication.

-Jose Figueroa, Pituvision.com

This service is the first of its kind